Caligenix Enters Nutritional Supplement Space with Product Launch of Immunotype

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Caligenix, a leading genetic wellness brand, has just launched Immunotype, a DNA-based supplement that addresses the human immune system at the level of the genome. Immunotype combines the most heavily researched bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and herbs in an immunity supplement and is backed by years of clinical trials and lab testing to confirm efficacy. It utilizes only the most trusted, highly absorbable vitamin forms and optimally doses them to precisely target and elevate immune systems. This immunity supplement is the company’s foray into the nutritional supplement space and is backed by years of DNA research and data. The company also announces the establishment of their scientific team and has brought on board as Chief Science Officer, Dr. Steve Henig, a nationally recognized expert in the health, wellness and supplement industries.

As a biotech company innovating wellness solutions personalized to one’s lifestyle and genomic data, Caligenix has long been a pioneer in the genetic testing industry. Funded by angel investors, the company is on a mission to personalize nutrition and skincare with advanced genomic technologies and actionable products that can be measured.

“Our mission is rooted in our collective experience dealing with a one-size-fits-all approach when it came to wellness, which we found did not fully meet the individual needs of most consumers. In the journey to transform ourselves, we envisioned a world of wellness guided by the unique data hidden within our genes,” said Dr. Tzur Gabi, Caligenix Co-Founder. “By pairing years of anonymized genetic data and diagnostic testing in real time, Caligenix is positioned to deliver next-generation wellness supplements and skincare solutions while simultaneously measuring their effectiveness on the individual—giving consumers a solution that is truly unique to them.”

Caligenix’s ‘science first’ approach led Gabi and fellow Co-Founder, Eliad Josephson, to recruit esteemed and cutting-edge scientists, dietary clinicians and industry experts in the fields of molecular biology and chemistry. They have recently appointed Dr. Steve Henig as the company’s Chief Science Officer to lead the scientific team. Henig has over 30 years of experience in executive leadership roles at leading food, beverage and supplement companies, including Herbalife Nutrition, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Conagra Grocery Products, Hunt-Wesson Foods, Land O’Lakes, Pilsbury Co., and General Foods.

“We are fortunate and proud to have leading scientists, innovators and experts, such as Dr. Henig, that can help us continue to leverage technology, science and AI to provide cutting-edge solutions that bring personalized genetic wellness solutions to people everywhere,” said Josephson. “It’s a big reason why Caligenix has been selected by leading multi-national CPG corporations to perform personalized nutrition pilots with real consumer data. We’re excited to unveil new discoveries in the form of more personalized products in the coming months.”

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