Caligenix Labs was born out of the belief that the genome contains the roadmap to optimal wellness, if only we could unlock the code hidden inside of it. Consequently, our mission became developing novel applications for understanding DNA, and partnering with kindred innovators to solve some of the biggest issues in human health. We began as trailblazers in the genetic testing space, and quickly saw this technology rapidly advance, and with it our capabilities to understand the human body grew exponentially. Caligenix Labs is the scientific arm of our company and is engaged in research and development (R&D), DNA based laboratory work, along with nutrition and supplement formulations. This marriage of diagnostic exploration and hyper-individualized wellness solutions has opened up the door to a vast world of possibility, that goes beyond just discovering our individual NATURE, and ushers us into a new paradigm where we can also properly NURTURE our unique selves.


Caligenix Labs contains 2 components that work hand-in-hand symbiotically. The first of which is what we colloquially like to call the nature portion of our scientific endeavor. Essentially, this is the laboratory diagnostic arm of Caligenix and is responsible for mapping out our DNA to find patterns, anomalies, gene expressions, and discover the secrets of our individual selves. This consists of uncovering the hidden code that when translated gives us immensely specific info on how to better many of the most crucial facets of our health from nutrition, to exercise, and skin health.


As a team, we collectively understood that while diagnosing and discovering our nature is incredibly valuable, we had to take the science further to truly transform our health. This impetus led us to create the 2nd part of Caligenix Labs - the manufacturing of personalized wellness products based on our unique DNA. The solutions that come out of our Lab are delivered to nurture the nature we have uncovered through genetic testing and mapping. Our mission has transformed beyond simply providing the directions to optimal wellness, and into creating the vehicles that help get you there.

Dr. Gabi & Eliad