(from sodium selenate)

In every dose: 70 mg.

What's In It For
My Immune System?

Plays an important role in the health of our immune system. This potent antioxidant helps lower oxidative stress in your body, which reduces inflammation and enhances immunity. Studies have demonstrated that increased blood levels of selenium are associated with enhanced immune response.

Selenium + Vitamin E

Vitamin E and Selenium work in synergy to protect cells from free radical damage. Selenium exerts its anti-oxidant effect within the cell itself, while Vitamin E works in the cell membranes which enclose the cell. An excess of one of these nutrients will help to counteract a deficiency of the other.


We use nutrients backed by a significant body of research that is growing every day. Of the thousands of unaffiliated studies our in-house scientists sorted through to guide our choices, the titles below are the most relevant.

The influence of selenium on immune responses.
The role of selenium in inflammation and immunity: from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic opportunities.